Why after eating do you have pains in your stomach?

Answer Ordinarily, your stomach shouldn't hurt after eating. Even if you eat too much, you should feel full, perhaps uncomfortably full, but not in pain. If a particular food hurts your stomach, you likel... Read More »

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Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if you are always hungry and have hunger pains and after you eat you have an upset stomach?

Answer Hello.Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. But the tell tale symptom is no period.

Can a bloated stomach with stomach pains and needing to go to the bathroom less a few weeks after sex be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or you may have a UTI. Most women go to the bathroom a lot more during pregnancy but I suppose its possible. Do a test in two weeks.

Have a stomach ache after eating cinnamon?

If your on the pill and have sharp shooting pains in your stomach and have brown spotting plus a dull back ache are these signs of pregnancies?