Why ae faster lenses more expensive?

Answer You obviously do not have any idea of the costs involved in design, engineering and the cost of making larger lens elements necessary to make faster lenses.You are making assumptions on a number of... Read More »

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Your thoughts on Nikon d3100 with the expensive AFS lenses or Nikon D90 w/ cheaper older lenses?

It's yahoo so were supposed to shout something. Tricky though without any clue on why you want to buy a DSLR or if you need film.I'd take the D90 out of these three, best options, best layout, feel... Read More »

If you have Medicare Part A B what are the benefits of having a more expensive secondary insurance over a less expensive supplemental or medigap insurance?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by a "secondary" insurance.

Does a expensive router make your computer run faster?

Hello Marc C,The more expensive routers were not designed to make a computer run faster. The processing power of PCs are within its own system.The internet is already presented to your from your IS... Read More »

Which is more expensive?

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