Why adopt from the SPCA instead of pet stores?

Answer Most people have heard it said that it is better to search for that special furry friend in a pet shelter rather than a pet store. There are many good reasons why people should choose to support sh... Read More »

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Why don't people adopt instead of spending thousands of dollars on IVF?

Both are thousands of dollars and it's a personal choice. Neither answer is wrong.

Can an unmarried mother refuse to allow the biological father to establish paternity knowing he wants to just because she wants her boyfriend to adopt the baby instead?

AnswerHe can get a court order, but until he does, you do not have to. As far as your boyfriend wanting to adopt the baby, the biological father has to sign his parental rights away before adoption... Read More »

Where do dogs from pet stores come from?

The majority of pet-store dogs come from breeders, although a few pet-store chains like PetSmart offer pet adoption at their stores. Pet stores typically buy their dogs from commercial dog kennels ... Read More »

How do i donate books to spca?

Contact SPCAContact your local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals--SPCA--by email or phone to determine if they have a use for your particular books. Non-animal-related books are only... Read More »