Why a baby doesn't drown from amniotic fluid?

Answer The baby is attached to the umbilical cord, which is attached to the mother.Everything the baby needs goes through that cord. Food. Water. Waste disposal, oxygen, etc.

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If you are leaking amniotic fluid does that mean you will have the baby soon?

But leaking amniotic fluid can happen before the pregnancy is in its last day, and, if it happens 38 weeks before the term, it is called premature rupture of membrane. Usually, premature leaking c... Read More »

Baby with no amniotic fluid update?

i didn't know about this before, but my prayers and thoughts go out for ya'll now too! i'm so sorry to hear about this!!!! as for the first remark...i'm very sure neonatal did ALL that they could. ... Read More »

Is there a link between green amniotic fluid and lifelong recurrent infections in the full term baby?

Hydrocephalus is usually detected at birth, but some cases slip through the net, and aren't diagnosed until later in life, even people into their 70's.Hydrocephalus is usually the result of another... Read More »

Is this amniotic fluid leakingi had a sudden wet feeling and you went to the bathroom and nothing happened and the fluid has no smell to it?

It Protects The Baby Against Any Bump Or Damages To The Mother.SanjaySunjuu_Bunjuu!