Why a Dog Is Sneezing & Snorting?

Answer Sneezing and snorting are common to all dogs, and normally do not present a health problem. The most common cause is "reverse sneezing." However, other causes may include canine influenza, distempe... Read More »

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Snorting xanax?

Yes. Ask your coroner, I bet he's done at least one Xanax related autopsy.

Why does my dog keep coughing&snorting?

Dogs cough and hack for a number of reasons, some minor and curable, others more serious. To determine what the cause is, you will have to note when your dog coughs and snorts, and provide a veteri... Read More »

What would i feel like after snorting coke?

Coke makes me feel hyper and euphoric. I feel on top of the world and that everything is good. I get extremely talkative and everybody is a friend. I would love to snort a line and go talk to someb... Read More »

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