Why a Computer Cannot Connect to Your Home Server?

Answer If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to a Windows Home Server, the problem may be that the computer you are using is on a different subnet than the Home Server-based computer. The Windows ... Read More »

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How come when you try to do things in certain apps on your iPhone 4 you get a cannot connect to server message?

the white one does show scratches like the black one does and it shows less smudges than the black one, however if the white iphone 4 does get dirty easy so i would recommend a case(otterbox).

Why can't other computers on my LAN cannot connect to my Apache server?

I stand by my reported answer and your crappy computer.:| Running a network server can be a great learning experience.Just make sure you do not yet open the router to the outside world. You might ... Read More »

How to fix "connection lost cannot connect to server" error on minecraft?

Either your friend's minecraft server is off, or he failed to port firward correctly so his server is not visible externally.tell him to go to and open port 25565 on TCP and you will be... Read More »

My computer cannot connect to the scanner?

your user manual available here -->…states this-->â–  Steady red: either a calibration has been initiated, the scanner is busy scanning, or it is not conn... Read More »