Why Would Nail Polish Crack After Applied to Nails?

Answer Fingernail polish protects fingernails and serves as a fashion accessory complementing a person's overall appearance and style. To prolong the life of a manicure and keep fingernail polish from pee... Read More »

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How to Remove Nail Polish from Acrylic Nails Without the Nails Coming off?

If you're not careful, attempting to remove nail polish can result in damage to your acrylic nails - here's how to avoid it.

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How to Get Nail Polish Stains Off Nails?

Continuous application of dark-colored nail polish can eventually cause nails to develop a dull, yellowish stain. This jaundiced stain can give nails an unhealthy and unattractive appearance. Altho... Read More »

How to Put Garlic in Nail Polish for Stronger Nails?

Garlic is full of natural antioxidants, which makes it both healthy and delicious. It has been said to fight everything from high cholesterol to cancer. But garlic doesn't just make you healthier o... Read More »