Girls only... PLEASE!!! guys wont have an answer to this so theres no reason to look!?

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haha bella i love u im a girl as u kno, and personally for u i like ur hair both ways even though ive never seen it down curly, and i love it straight, but for liek my hair i only like it sraight ... Read More »

Guys and girls answer,?

!!!!GUYS ANSWER THIS!!!! *thanks*?

1) neither, as I prefer to kiss the natural lips2) skirts, they look better3) long hair, so I can run my fingers through it4) no makeup, as most women look fine without it

Gross or not! Girls please answer...guys too!!?

To each their own.Personally, during the winter, I shave A LOT less. I don't wear shorts or tank tops so who is going to know?However, I do shave more during the summer months so that I'm not a fur... Read More »