Why Won't My Laptop Play Dvds?

Answer look out for driver errors...go to My computer Select your DVD driveClick the right buttonSelect propertiesgo to folder Hardwareclick trobleshootingclick autocorrect

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Laptop wont play DVDs anymore?

Try Downloading DivX or VLC media dont like toshiba player that muchHope this helpsgood luckGumby

My blu ray player wont play dvds?

Blu-Rays and DVDs use different lasers to read the discs. It may be a mechanical problem.

Your playstation wont play blue ray dvds why?

nope. reads UMD (universal media disc) format.

Why wont DVDs that you record on your PC play in regular DVD players?

If you are using additional speakers then you may need to register them with your blu-ray player (you can do this from the blu-ray menu.)