Why Won't My Car Start When It Rains?

Answer A car engine refusing to start can be any number of issues. A car that won't start in the rain can still be any number of issues, but it gives you a place to start looking.

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My 1987 Dodge Caravan Won't Start When It Rains?

A driving ran has the ability to get inside the engine bay of a vehicle, and depending on the amount of moisture inside the engine bay you might find that your 1987 Dodge Caravan won't start after ... Read More »

How do i get my sky tv to work when it rains?

You probably need to get your dish realigned, it must be a bit off which will degrade the signal in bad weather. I never have any problems in any weather and am in Edinburgh, probably further north... Read More »

Where do butterflies go when it rains?

Butterflies try to take shelter under places like window ledges, logs, leaves and in the cracks & crevices of rocks,etc. when it rains. They do whatever it takes to protect their delicate wings. If... Read More »

How to Pour Concrete When it Rains?

Scheduling an outdoor project is always a gamble since you cannot always predict the weather. Keep an eye on the news and schedule on a stretch of predicted sunny days, It's a good bet, but it does... Read More »