Why Use Powerpoint Presentations?

Answer When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint has a wide range of uses that benefit both the speaker and the audience. Back when it first launched in 1987, PowerPoint was designed to complement overhe... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Monitor for PowerPoint Presentations?

Unless you're facing Aaron Burr, a duel can be a good thing. Actually, the duel that Burr participated in has no place in a PowerPoint presentation, but dual monitors can make a difference in how w... Read More »

How to Do Presentations Using PowerPoint?

Microsoft's PowerPoint software allows you to create full-color presentations that are enhanced with graphics, audio and styling effects. Initially conceived in 1987, PowerPoint helped companies to... Read More »

Methods of Presenting PowerPoint Presentations?

PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in business and academic settings. PowerPoint is a multimedia slideshow software tool from Microsoft that allows the presenter to display slides related t... Read More »

How do I add an SWF file to PowerPoint 2003 presentations?

Add Flash to the SlideInstall Flash on your computer. (See Resources). Open the PowerPoint slide where you want to insert the Flash file. Select "Toolbars," then "View," then "Control Toolbox." ... Read More »