Why Use Nitrogen in Shocks?

Answer An essential part of a system of components that make up a car's suspension, shock absorbers employ a variety of moving parts, damping oil and pressurized nitrogen to manage the spring travel of ea... Read More »

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What holds a molecule of nitrogen gas to another nitrogen?

Two nitrogen atoms combine to form a single molecule of nitrogen gas through the formation of three covalent bonds, one sigma and two pi. The atoms share six electrons creating a strong bond, and t... Read More »

What do nitrogen fixing bacteria do to nitrogen?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria change nitrogen from the air into nitrogen compounds such as ammonia, nitrate, and nitrogen dioxide. They do so, through two living arrangements. One's as free living bacte... Read More »

Do Plants Use Nitrogen to Make Nitrogen Gas?

Nitrogen, or N2, is the most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere. It's also an essential nutrient for life; the form found in the atmosphere, however, is relatively inert and thus difficult for plan... Read More »

Can nitrogen be recycled?

Nitrogen comprises 78 percent of the atmosphere and is a part of every living tissue. It is continuously recycled from one form to another. Nitrogen will not naturally change into anything else, bu... Read More »