Why Use Brake Line Clips?

Answer The brakes in most vehicles, excepting large trucks and the like, are operated hydraulically -- that is, by the pressure of a working fluid. This fluid is carried in lines that run under the body o... Read More »

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How to Remove the Fuel Line Clips in a 2007 Ford Escape?

Ford Motor Company employs plastic U-shaped clips to hold the fuel line connectors to the fuel lines on the 2007 Ford Escape. While this method ensures a tight fit, it makes taking the fuel lines a... Read More »

How to Replace Shims and Clips on New Rear Brake Pads?

Disc brakes work by two brake pads being pressed against a spinning rotor attached to the axle. As the pads press onto the rotor, friction is created, thereby slowing down the rotor and wearing on... Read More »

Making movies: What are some good sites to download royalty-free video clips and sound clips?

Here's a place that has links to all sorts of places that offer free audio samples. video sample sites you have to be more specific about what you want. Her... Read More »

What If Air Is in a Brake Line?

The brake system of a modern motor vehicle is composed of many components including the brake lines. The brake lines are made up of a series of tubes, pipes and hoses that contain the brake fluid. ... Read More »