Why Sunflowers Face Toward the Sun?

Answer A plant native to the United States, sunflowers are grown for many reasons, including for oil, seeds, cut flowers or to provide a border hedge. They are strongly associated with the sun. Sunflowers... Read More »

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Why Sunflowers Face East?

Plants exhibit many kinds of responses to their environment. Roots grow down seeking the deep dark of the soil, leaves face the sun to make photosynthesis more efficient and sunflowers even follo... Read More »

What do sunflowers mean?

Sunflowers have been enjoyed by cultures of the world for many years. Their tall stalks and bright petals draw the eye and captivate the viewer.The SunSunflowers belong to the Helianthus group. The... Read More »

What Do Sunflowers Produce?

With their large, cheery flowers and quick growth, sunflowers are a favorite in many gardens. However, sunflowers have more to offer than their good looks. This North American native wildflower's f... Read More »

Growing Sunflowers?

When they dry up abit there should be seeds in the middle.Plant these next spring.