Why Study the Latin Language?

Answer Latin is an important historical language with a rich literature and history that influenced many European languages, including English. According to Professor William Harris of Middlebury College,... Read More »

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When did the Latin language stop being common language?

As the Roman Empire grew, Latin evolved into several regional dialects, which eventually became the Romance languages (Spanish, French and Italian) after the empire fell. What became known as Vulga... Read More »

How to Study Latin?

Latin may seem like a dead language. However, Latin remains a widely taught subject, which is not only useful in the study of Romance languages, but has vital uses in the areas of medicine and law.... Read More »

How old is the Latin language?

The most ancient version of Latin is more than 2,000 years old. This is referred to as Old Latin. Since then, Latin has experienced many minor permutations in pronunciation, grammar and syntax. A f... Read More »

Is Latin a romance language?

Latin is an Italic or Indo-European language originally spoken in Rome, Italy. Latin is the parent language of the romance languages, as these they derive from Latin words and grammar.References:Or... Read More »