Why Shouldn't You Give a Pregnant Dog Rabies Shot?

Answer Animals pass rabies, a virus that attacks the nervous system and brains of mammals, through scratching or biting another animal or human. The rabies vaccination allows the vaccinated animal's immun... Read More »

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Can you give a pregnant dog a rabies shot?

Pregnant dogs can be given a rabies vaccination, but it's safer to wait two to three weeks after the litter is born because modified live vaccines (the more effective form of vaccination) can harm ... Read More »

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Should I get anti rabies shot?

Well, Its good to know if your pet was given the shots, since getting rabies shots isn't a very pleasant experience...

At what age should a dog get the rabies shot?

According to the website, puppies should be vaccinated for rabies when they are 12 weeks old. Puppy vaccinations are generally done in stages, and the age requirements may vary dep... Read More »