Why Should a Plantain Be Cooked Before it Is Eaten?

Answer Plantains are native to Africa and are related to bananas but much larger. Unlike bananas, they are tasty when eaten at different stages of ripeness. Cooking and consumption options depend on the d... Read More »

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Can Box Turtles Be Cooked And Eaten Safely?

The meat won't hurt you but most turtle soup is made from snapping turtles (they're bigger). Just for your information, the pair of box turtles residing in my back yard eat cockroaches. I wouldn'... Read More »

How soon should fresh cooked shrimp be eaten?

Shrimp should be eaten or refrigerated within two hours after cooking. Cooked shrimp served outside or in any area warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit should be consumed, refrigerated or discarded af... Read More »

What's the most interesting flame-cooked meal you've eaten here in Canada?

I went fishing once with my dad and my brother years ago. We stayed in a cabin on a lake that was about 50 K.M.'s from Timmins. We went out the one morning and took the rack out of the fridge. By l... Read More »

Most people in America have only eaten pork, chicken, or beef. If you've eaten other meats, how do they taste?

I love eating turtle especially when its in a stew