Why Should We Wear Seat Belts?

Answer The consequences of not wearing a seat belt range from minor annoyance to serious injury or even death. When you wear your seat belt you not only protect yourself, but you set a good example for th... Read More »

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Do children have to wear seat belts in classic car that did not have factory seat belts?

Why do we need to wear seat belts?

More than half of all people killed in auto accidents were not wearing a seat belt. But there are other things to take into consideration when deciding whether to buckle up.Legal RequirementsAlmost... Read More »

Should Seat Belts Be Mandatory To Wear?

noif you have the liberty to get yourself killed with poor diet, smoking, drinking, skydiving, not wearing a motorcycle helmet in free choice states, army enlistment, mma fighting, and a million ot... Read More »

Why is it important to wear seat belts?

Though a number of countries have laws dictating that seat belts must be in vehicles and that drivers must legally wear them, there are still those who avoid wearing them. Despite people's reasons ... Read More »