Why Should Peeled Potatoes Not Be Exposed to Air?

Answer From mashed and fried to boiled or steamed, potatoes have a wide range of culinary uses. But just as oil and water are not a good combination, the same sentiment applies to peeled potatoes and air.... Read More »

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Is there a way to store just peeled potatoes ready for next day's roasting?

Cajun Potatoes or Garlic Dill Potatoes Mustard or Mayo on Sandwiches Mashed Potatoes or Fried Rice?

Cajun Potatoes :)Mustard, definitely...mayo grosses me out unless it's mixed in with something (like deviled eggs or potato salad). Tough one...I love both but I think I have to pick mashed potatoes.

How many potatoes do I cook to make mashed potatoes to feed 14 people?

To make enough mashed potatoes to feed 14 people, you will need approximately a dozen medium potatoes, or four pounds. This will result in a 1/2 cup serving per person, and you'll have enough for ... Read More »

How to make instant mashed potatoes taste like real potatoes?

O.K. First, Instant Mashed Potaoes will never taste like real potatoes..because they are NOT! That being said...if the instructions call for water..use milk..if the instructions call for milk use ... Read More »