Why Should Hamburger Not Be Repeatedly Frozen & Thawed?

Answer After purchase, it is safe to store hamburger meat in a raw or frozen state until use. For a variety of reasons, people may thaw raw hamburger meat, leave it uncooked, then refreeze it. The United ... Read More »

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Why shouldn't a frozen pizza be thawed prior to baking?

There is no need for that, you can do it either way and still get a quality pizza to eat.H-man

How long can you keep frozen thawed cooked chick in the refrigerator?

Im quite fussy when it comes to eating poultry and I would say that 3 days is long enough to keep cooked chicken in the freezer once it has been opened anyway. It is the same if you take an uncooke... Read More »

How long is pork sausage good after it has been frozen and thawed in the fridge?

On One Hand: Pork Sausage in the FreezerPork sausage is considered a fresh sausage by the United States Department of Agriculture for purposes of determining how long it can be safely stored. Uncoo... Read More »

What is the quickest and easiet way to thaw frozen hamburger?

Since you are using it to make sloppy joe's you don't necessarily have to thaw it out. Preheat a skillet on medium heat for like 2 minutes then place the frozen hamburger meat on it. Make sure the ... Read More »