Why Perform Lawn Aeration?

Answer Aeration is an essential part of maintaining a lush, healthy lawn. Water is the vehicle to deliver the nutrients the grass needs to prosper. If the water is unable to reach the grass roots, the bla... Read More »

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Is sales tax required on lawn aeration landscaping?

Businesses that provide a service do not have to charge sales tax. If, however, you were to sell a lawn aerator to a client rather than performing the service, you would have to charge sales tax on... Read More »

Is sales tax required on lawn aeration landscaping in Iowa?

The state of Iowa imposes sales tax on certain services specifically listed by the Department of Revenue. The list includes landscaping and lawn care, which would also include lawn aeration. Sales ... Read More »

Core Aeration Vs. Spike Aeration?

Lawn grass roots suffer when soil becomes compacted due to heavy use or in wet or poorly drained areas. Compaction reduces air pockets in the soil, keeping oxygen from reaching grass roots. Without... Read More »

What Is the Zone of Aeration?

Because most of the unfrozen fresh water supply on the earth lies beneath the planet's surface, an understanding of distribution of groundwater is important. One of the levels that groundwater pas... Read More »