Why People Shouldn't Kill Endangered Animals?

Answer Animal species are valuable to humans not only for the beauty and interest they provide to human culture, but also because they are of great value to humans from a medicinal, ecological, commercial... Read More »

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How People Can Help Save Endangered Marine Animals?

Earth's oceans are in peril due to overfishing, pollution and global warming. Consequently, marine life is declining at an alarming rate. Each person has a responsibility to take action against the... Read More »

Why is it alright to kill/eat animals and not people?

I am a vegitarian and people laugh at me only because I like to help animals not kill them, what should I do?

Join the club. That comes along with being veggie. Sorry. I know it can be tough. When they make fun of you think of how much you are helping the animals. Think of the animals. Whatever you d... Read More »

Why do people sitll support PETA even though its a known fact that they kill animals?

You mean euthanize animals? What are they supposed to do , literally take home the thousands of animals that end up in their possession? They are for the ETHICAL treatment of animals they are not a... Read More »