Why People Become Forensic Scientists?

Answer Forensic science is the discovery, application and presentation of scientific evidence in a court of law or for purposes of aiding law enforcement. There are numerous career fields open to people ... Read More »

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How Do Forensic Scientists Do DNA Analysis?

Each of the nearly 60 trillion cells of the human body contains its own instruction manual, called DNA. The DNA differentiates the task the cell performs, whether it fights infection, aids digestio... Read More »

Why do forensic scientists use soil analysis?

Forensic scientists analyze soil to provide useful information about a crime in a variety of ways, ranging from identification of soil types and origins to the detection of minute particles preserv... Read More »

How much do computer forensic scientists get paid?

As of June 2010, the PayScale Report states that forensic computer analysts average a beginning yearly salary of $36,641 to $54,244. At one to four years of experience, they make $44,441 to $71,960... Read More »

Universities That Have Courses Supporting Forensic Scientists?

Forensic science programs are growing in popularity at the university level. Students may choose to become one or more of the following: medical examiner, crime lab analyst, crime scene examiner, f... Read More »