Why Kids with low platelets and high white cell counts and brusing?

Answer You have not mentioned the white cell count. It is difficult to give any opinion. The child needs further evaluation.

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How are low white blood cell counts managed?

In the majority of cases, low counts are temporary. Counts start rising soon and reach normal levels without causing infections, and further chemotherapy may be continued. When the blood counts are... Read More »

How to Raise Low White Blood Cell Counts?

White blood cells are a part of the immune system that act as "first responders" when the body is invaded by an outside agent such as a virus, bacteria or fungus. There are several types of white b... Read More »

What is the reason if child age of 3.2 years has low platelets counts as 78000 per and Hemoglobin as low as 3.9 gms per 100 ml?

The child requires thorough evaluation and needs to be examined by a pediatrician.

Is 3.6-9.2 of white blood cell count High?

Those numbers are the "normal range". Even a count of "10" would be considered normal. White cells are the ones that fight infections, hence, a higher white count would be indicitive of your body's... Read More »