Why Is the Water in My Toilet Tank Hot?

Answer A toilet tank isn't supposed to be full of hot water, so a rush of warmth when you flush just feels wrong. It's not only unsettling, though; it's potentially expensive as well. The presence of hot ... Read More »

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Water not flusing from toilet tank?

take a bucket full of water and use it for flushing then call a plumber for more help

Water Is Running in My Toilet But Not Enough to Fill Up the Tank?

When your toilet runs but the tank does not fill up enough, your water bill will inflate until you diagnose the problem. You will likely need to look at multiple causes. Fortunately you don't need ... Read More »

What Is the Problem if Water Runs in the Toilet But the Tank Does Not Refill?

A constantly running toilet sounds annoying and wastes water, especially if the tank does not refill in the process. The fact that the tank does not refill means the water that is running constantl... Read More »

Toilet Tank Repair: How to Attach the Riser Tube to the Water Supply?

Older toilet riser tubes are plastic or metal, while more modern versions are flexible, braided hoses. All do the same job of providing a supply line from the water shut-off valve to the toilet tan... Read More »