Why Is the Retirement Age for Social Security Going Up?

Answer In 1935, Congress set the minimum age for getting full social security benefits at age 65. So, why is it going up? A variety of reasons contributed to the increase, but it all has to do with the So... Read More »

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Do social security disability payments received before normal retirement age reduce social security retirement payments at normal retirement age?

Indemnity plans do not have to pay the hospital or doctor. Indemnity plans are designed to indemnify either the insured or the provider. That means if you have services that cost 20,000.00 dollars ... Read More »

Social Security Retirement Pitfalls?

Retirement can be the best time of a person's life. Free from the burden of earning a living, retirees have the time to pursue their true passions. However, those retirees planning to live off Soci... Read More »

Do you pay social security tax on kpers retirement?

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) contributions are not subject to Social Security or any other federal taxes, according to the Kansas Department of Revenue. However, KPERS retireme... Read More »

Social Security & Teacher Retirement?

The golden question for everyone is "Will social security be there for me when I need it?" That is currently an impossible question to answer. For teachers, social security is an important issue wh... Read More »