Why Is There a White Web on the Petunias?

Answer Petunias are perennials grown as annuals that light up the garden with their vibrant blooms in the spring and summer. Occasionally, these colorful flowers contract pests such as spider mites, which... Read More »

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How do i bed petunias?

Soil PreparationTill the soil well in the bed where the petunias will go and mix compost into the soil at the same time. The soil should be loose and moist, but not too damp, and it should be able ... Read More »

How do I trim petunias?

SpringTrim petunias in spring, after the first bloom. Use your fingers or garden shears to cut the plant back to about 4 to 5 inches from the ground.Mid-SummerPrune petunias again when the plants b... Read More »