Why Is Six Flags Called Six Flags?

Answer Six Flags is a popular amusement park with many locations in North America. The Six Flags chain began in 1961.HistorySix Flags refers to the six flags that have flown over Texas in its history.The... Read More »

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What is Six Flags?

Theme parks draw visitors from across the world with their thrill rides, whimsical atmospheres and promises of fun. Six Flags is one such theme park, with various locations throughout the world. Ea... Read More »

How many flags has the USA had?

From 1777 through 2010 the United States has had 27 different flags. The United States first began using the current design with 50 stars on July 4, 1960 after the addition of Hawaii as its 50th s... Read More »

Who is Mr. Six of 6 Flags?

An advertising character used by Six Flags theme park, the always-dancing Mr. Six dresses in a tuxedo with red suspenders, a red bow tie and thick black glasses. Although Six Flags has never releas... Read More »

Who is the Six Flags guy?

The identity of the bespectacled, suspender-wearing Six Flags guy, Mr. Six, has not been revealed. According to Stuart Elliott in an April 2010 article for The New York Times Media Decoder, "rumors... Read More »