Why Is Recumbent Safer?

Answer Recumbent bicycles are available as stationary exercise bikes or road bikes. They are popular as exercise bikes and can be found in most gyms along with the traditional upright bikes. It is usually... Read More »

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DIY for Recumbent Seats?

Recumbent bicycles offer larger, more comfortable seats than the traditional bike saddle, but these seats can be quite expensive. However, recumbent bicycle seats can be built from scratch for a fr... Read More »

DIY: Recumbent Bike?

A recumbent bicycle can be assembled quickly if you have a solid bike to start with. Multiple gears and an elevated back wheel with a smaller front one make all the difference. Change the sprocket ... Read More »

How to Buy Recumbent Bikes?

Recumbent bikes are a type of bicycle that enables riders to sit low to the ground in an upright, chair-like position while pedaling. These bicycles first appeared in France during the late 1800s b... Read More »

How much room do I need for a recumbent bike?

It will depend on the model. Height is not a problem when finding room indoors for an exercise recumbent bike, however, length may be. Long wheel recumbent bikes are 65 to 71 inches, compact long w... Read More »