Why Is My Suzuki Trike Overheating?

Answer High-performance motorcycle engines are becoming increasingly complex. Design tolerances are decreasing, and consumer demand for a more comfortable motorcycle experience is registering in engineeri... Read More »

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How long does it take to convert a Suzuki C90 into a trike?

about a week, doing the work by yourself.A couple days if you have a helper

Who invented the trike?

The trike was invented by Francis Rogallo is 1948 when he developed the idea of a "self-inflating wing" or "flexible wing." Rogallo was an American aeronautical engineer who built and sold model ki... Read More »

How to Build a V8 Trike?

Filling the gap between cars and motorcycles, trikes are one of the most unique kinds of transportation on the road today. There are two basic types: tadpole and delta. Delta trikes are the most tr... Read More »

How to Build a Trike?

Trikes are motorcycles converted to have 3 wheels � a single front wheel and a rear axle with 2 wheels. They offer the feeling of "freedom" you get when riding a motorcycle but with added benefit... Read More »