Why Is My Pet Rat's Hair Falling Out?

Answer With rats becoming a more common pet, knowledge about their health is growing. One of the common health issues a rat owner will come across is hair loss. A pet rat's hair falling out can be caused ... Read More »

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My hair is falling out, im age 13 and my hair is thining out what should i do?

Do NOT listen to these people -__- Ugh. Anyways, there are ways to strengthen and help grow your hair out. I am trying to grow my hair fast, so i've started to use "Mane and Tail" shampoo. It's a h... Read More »

My hair is falling out!!?

1.Daily take massage with coconut oil before going to bed.2.Don't use multiple shampoo 3.Don't use large quantity of conditioner, hair gel and other artificial/commercial medicines4.Use bath with ... Read More »

Why is my hair falling out?

Normal hair fallout is about 60 hairs each day - if your hair is long it might look like a lot more. There are some medical conditions that cause hair fallout, and also if your body is a bit acidi... Read More »

Why is my hair thinning&falling out?

Hair loss, or alopecia, is usually a gradual process that begins with excessive thinning and shedding of hair and may lead to complete baldness. It may affect one area of the body, such as the scal... Read More »