Why Is My Paint Gun Cob Webbing Stringy?

Answer If a spray gun is used incorrectly or the material inside it has not been sufficiently thinned, the paint is liable to settle on a painted panel and create a string-like effect that industry expert... Read More »

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How to Get Spider Webbing Out of My Car's Paint?

Spider webbing is a defect in the clear-coat level of a factory paint job that is visible under direct sunlight. This is not to be confused with a spider web crack in a fiberglass surface, which re... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Stringy Ends?

Stringy ends can make your hair look frumpy, damaged and generally unhealthy. If you have damaged hair, be it from styling or poor care, you may notice split ends and thinning hair at the tips. Get... Read More »

Webbing Techniques?

Education used to be all about the three Rs: reading, writing and arithmatic. But Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences has shed light on your child's other mental strengths, includ... Read More »

What Is Fusible Webbing?

Sewers and quilters can run into problems when they want to attach an applique made from a delicate material or an applique cut into a shape that leaves small pieces of unstable fabric. Fusible web... Read More »