Why Is My Left hand and fingers numb and tingling , all day Please help..?

Answer Don't worry, it's not a heart attack. If it is your pinky and your ring finger affected: sounds like you could have cubital tunnel syndrome. The ulnar nerve runs behind the medial epicondyle (wh... Read More »

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I seem to have bad circulation in my right hand, my fingers keep tingling and going numb What can I do?

You could possibly have carpal tunnel syndrome. Next time your hand goes numb, see what fingers go numb. Carpal Tunnel will only numb the thumb, index, and middle finger. Rarely your index finger, ... Read More »

I cut my hand last night, got 7 stitches, fingers are numb?

A DRs and Nurses responsibility to save life and limb first. When ever you have a severe cut, burn, or injury you are at risk for nerve damage. They are correct in saying that they are more concern... Read More »

My fingers was tingling and I felt shocks in them and my left toes. Me body started to jerk as I was going?

If the paramedics said that your blood sugar was low then that was most likely what was wrong with you.................

My left hand goes numb several times a day,out of no where,why It takes about 3 to 4 min. to go away.?

This sounds like carpal tunnel. Most people I know that type a lot our use their hands doing something repeatedly in the same motion experience numbness or a tingling sensation, like when you foot ... Read More »