Why Is My Computer Telling Me It Is Time for a Back Up Every 30 Days?

Answer Files on your computer, including your pictures, digital movies and documents, are often irreplaceable -- and many people keep only a single copy of these items on a single computer. Hardware failu... Read More »

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Do the days get shorter at the same time every year?

Why do I have to set the time every time when I turn on the computer?

It sounds like your CMOS battery may not be working properly. You can buy a replacement.

Every time I try to put it further back on my tongue I gag?

It takes time and practice. Take it easy at first, move it back slowly along your tongue a little farther with each stroke of the brush. Before you know it you'll be sliding that thing all the wa... Read More »

Every time I turn off my tv, it resets back to ch. 25. Can I fix that?

One likely reason for the reversion to channel 25 would be that it is the only channel stored in the set's memory.Storing any other channel (in your case, of course, channel 3 would be a very good ... Read More »