Why Is My Computer Telling Me It Is Time for a Back Up Every 30 Days?

Answer Files on your computer, including your pictures, digital movies and documents, are often irreplaceable -- and many people keep only a single copy of these items on a single computer. Hardware failu... Read More »

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How can I back my computer up to a few days ago?

see the link for a detailed walk though from Microsoft

DAYS>>>>What do you think about an Old time character is coming back?

I think it spells trouble with a capital T for Bo and Hope. We all know that Carly was one of Bo's first loves along with Billie who we thought was coming back but got into an accident so now we ar... Read More »

You had sex for first time about 3 days back and now you have a swollen vagina with little bleeding you are also feeling weak Is it normal?

That's not really normal, I am not going to say that you can not have A STD, but It is almost definitely not what your problem is, It is very unlikely that any STD would have that kind of effect on... Read More »

How Do I Back Up a Computer to an Earlier Time?

WindowsClick the "Start" button. Select "Computer." Click on "Properties" or "System Properties." The exact wording will vary, depending upon the version of Windows you are using. Click on the "Sys... Read More »