Why Is My BlackBerry Stuck on Little X?

Answer A little X stuck on your BlackBerry smartphone's screen is not necessarily a death sentence for the phone. The X can appear for a variety of reasons, including a need to replace your phone's charge... Read More »

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Blackberry stuck on reboot?

Send it back to the shop see what they can do about it, this happened to mine so i got it repaired, but i hated that version so i got the 9360

02 accord.The front passenger's seatbelt keeps getting stuck. it retracts but won't release. Stuck@too short?

Have it replaed with a brand new one from Honda.Never use seatbelts from a salvage yard, no matter how good theylook. THey were in an accident and may not hold in another one.

I stuck my penis into a glass bottle and now it's stuck. What should I do?

You will not get it out yourself because the suction will keep it there. You have to go to the hospital and get it off you have no choice. i am sure doctors have seen worse things like men shovin... Read More »

What is the best phone the htc touch pro smartphone the iPhone 3g the blackberry 8900 or the blackberry pearl?

Depends on what your needs are. An Android device is good overall (especially if you have a Google acount). A Nokia device is also a good device overall, but goes well with media. A BlackBerry is c... Read More »