Why Is My Amplifier Not Getting Power?

Answer Car stereos have advanced light years from the days when the only option was what came from the factory. Many people nowadays install their own car stereos, which often are of superior quality to t... Read More »

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What is a power amplifier?

A power amplifier is an electronic device that makes a small input signal louder. Common in consumer home audio as well as pro-audio applications, power amps are rated for wattage. The higher the w... Read More »

How to Connect a Car Power Amplifier?

Adding an aftermarket amplifier to your car stereo system is the most effective way to add power and performance beyond what your factory stereo unit can provide. By utilizing the audio signal from... Read More »

How to Build a Power Amplifier?

Power amplifiers transform a small electrical signal into a larger electrical signal. For applications where avoiding signal distortion is important, high-fidelity amplifiers such as a Class-A ampl... Read More »

What is an audio power amplifier?

An audio power amplifier electronically increases a weak sound signal so it can drive a speaker. You can't plug a guitar, CD player or radio tuner directly into a speaker; you need a power amplifie... Read More »