Why Is Hair Used As an Oil Adsorbent?

Answer Hair is extremely versatile. Besides providing a cosmetic benefit to its owner, hair has many other useful properties and advantages. Absorption and adsorption are two important hair characterist... Read More »

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If lemons can be used to lighten your hair...what can be used to darken your hair?

i agree with the coffee answer.. but they make special shampoos for that.aveda

Has any one used Nair hair removal stuff thats supposed to melt away your hair does it work?

if it melts your hair, wouldn't it harm your skin. think about women have used relaxers, which, some contains about damaged skin.

Can cloned hair be used in hair transplants?

Hair follicles are too complex to truly be cloned using current technology. It is possible, however, to transplant donor hair follicles from on person to another and have them grow. Although it has... Read More »

Can Rogaine be used on healthy hair?

On One Hand: Rogaine Safe for Healthy HairAccording to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Rogaine side effects are relatively few, and none include damage to healthy hair. The F... Read More »