Why Inches for screens but cm for everything else?

Answer Good question and well observed. I've got to say, I don't know the answer, only to suggest that screens are often made for the American market (because it's the biggest) and so we have to put up wi... Read More »

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Why are lcd screens 15.4 inches?

Themanufacturing process and the equipment available works out to provide 15.4 inch (diagonal) screens. There are only a few manufacturers and even fewer machine makers that provide the manufacture... Read More »

Big Brother,who else thinks it's about time this crap was taken off our tv screens?

I think it's rubbish but each time it's on find myself inexplicably drawn to it. They won't take it off the screens as long as it generates the type of publicity it does - including people asking ... Read More »

How can I change my Yahoo ID and keep everything else?

create an alias nic within your main yahoo id as follows:Go to your preferences,profiles,create/edit buttonchoose a nic thats available and request itYou now have an alias that can be used without ... Read More »

Why didn't Holden fail English but everything else?

He enjoyed English and he loved to write. He just didn't apply himself in any other class because he didn't care.