Why IgM do not passes through placenta in pregnancy?

Answer This is because their is no receptor to facilitate IgM on the placenta. IgM is too big is a common, and wrong misconception.

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Can previous ovarian cyst surgery cause low line placenta in pregnancy later?

Not unless there is significant scarring in the uterus. A low lying placenta is often found during the second trimester - as the uterus expands in the third trimester, the placenta will migrate hig... Read More »

How much water passes through the hoover dam each year?

A one-hour drive southeast of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam can allow from 52,360 to 299,200 gallons of water to pass through each day, with the excess flowing into one of two spillovers. This is an annual... Read More »

Determine the fourth-degree polynomial y(x) that passes through the points-Matlab function?

You can use the polyfit function.x = [0 1 3 5 6]y = [-1 1 3 2 -2]p = polyfit(x, y, 4)You get the coefficients of the polynomial.p = -0.0250 0.2167 -0.8750 2.6833 -1.0000to evaluate tha... Read More »

How do you repair an ice maker on an Amana refrigerator if it is not receiving water after it passes through pipe in the back?

Answer Check the water solenoid valves. On our Kenmore the valves had begun to stick causing the ice maker to fail as it is a timed cycle to fill the tray.