Why IgM do not passes through placenta in pregnancy?

Answer This is because their is no receptor to facilitate IgM on the placenta. IgM is too big is a common, and wrong misconception.

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Can previous ovarian cyst surgery cause low line placenta in pregnancy later?

Not unless there is significant scarring in the uterus. A low lying placenta is often found during the second trimester - as the uterus expands in the third trimester, the placenta will migrate hig... Read More »

How or where can you get backstage passes or meetngreet passes for the American idol concert on July 20th?

How I got my backstage passesThere is only one way that I know that will get you backstage to meet the Jonas Brothers. I know because I have used it twice already and got to meet the Jonas Brothers... Read More »

Is it healthy to eat your own placenta?

Other animals do it. Go for it!!! Pour some Jack Daniels over that too!

How is the placenta different from the umbilical cord?

The placenta is a very important organ which develops during pregnancy that attaches itself to the uterine wall. It is the organ that stores nutrients and allows for gas exchange (carbon dioxide an... Read More »