Why I can't tell a girl that she is drunk in America?

Answer That happened to me once with a Bengali chic. She told me to not say those things about I was like...ok. And that's it, keep going with the party lol. I assume that you were too direct.... Read More »

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You were drunk and cant remember if you had sex or not. You were on your period and 3 days on you feel dizzy and weak. You were or are a virgin and are 17. Does that mean that you could be pregnant?

you can get pregnant whether its the first or 569457698-45 time to have sex. you won't know until two weeks for sure.YOu are definitely not pregnant if you are a virgin though. unless semen got anw... Read More »

Can someone tell me where i can get the ringtone that adults cant hear?

Oh yes, because a magical fairy comes to all people when they turn 18 and changes their hearing so now that they are an adult, they can't hear certain tones.....NOT!!!Yes, as we get older, SOME peo... Read More »

I cant ejaculate when i have sex with a girl, Im a male, should i be concerned, im afraid that im gay?

You're most likely just nervous. A good way to "check yourself" in terms of sexuality is to track the very last thing you think about when you.... er... take matters into your own hands, and are a... Read More »

Signs That Tell That a Boy Likes a Girl?

It is never easy to translate the actions of a boy or to determine if he is interested in you. His words can mean many things and may tell you nothing about how he really feels. He does give off sp... Read More »