Why I can't tell a girl that she is drunk in America?

Answer That happened to me once with a Bengali chic. She told me to not say those things about I was like...ok. And that's it, keep going with the party lol. I assume that you were too direct.... Read More »

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Is it cool to get a girl drunk , so you can "score "?

Yea they "dig" you because theyre drunk!! What kind of person are you to get someone to hook up with you by putting them in an unstable sense of mind?! Imagine if you were a helpless drunk girl and... Read More »

How much alcohol does it take for a small girl to get drunk?

Small girl could be a six-year-old, or a 4' 11" nineteen-year-old. In either case, it will take a good deal less than an adult male. We would guess about three beers in the case of the 19-year-old.... Read More »

How can i get drunk drunk drunk tomorow night,?

Do shots (keep it clear i.e. vodka etc...), the alcohol content is higher and if you have several at once, your body will have a rush in the blood stream and your liver cannot process all of it. I... Read More »

Mmiv drunk a bottle of wine and im not so drunk. i dont drink so often. is this normal?

I think you're drunker than you realize. Check your typing.