Why I am unable to open Y!A and all other such sites on my Computer?

Answer Sounds like it needs a clean-up, go here (if you're not using windows, more is available, mac, linux etc)Search forAdvanced System CareGlary UtilitiesCCleanerThis... Read More »

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Why I'm unable to open any sites on internet explorer browser. it says content provider has not allowed you to?

Use the rendering engine switcher in Avant browser. Trident,webkit and gecko three engines.the page at least work in one engine. If all the engines have the same problem.It must be the bug of that ... Read More »

My computer is moving very slow and i am unable to open my programs , What can i do?

According to your description,there are some regsitry errors in your PC to cause "Computer slow and cant open programs".You need to clean you PC.Every time you install and uninstall software on you... Read More »

Is there a risk of your computer getting a virus from sites such as Chaotic .com an online game site?

Understanding what a virus is when it occurs in a living form (such as a human body, an animal, or a plant) is necessary before we can understand what a computer virus is. A virus is a small organi... Read More »

How much of the internet consists of sites whose content is lifted from other sites?

Like all other media, it cannibalizes itself far, far too often.((((((Angels))))) the music does help increase our patience with a lack of fresh info!Ah, it makes my magyar blood sing! Romani, Rom... Read More »