Why Have you got Red blood cells and Puss cells have you caught somthing?

Answer Extremely rare. Chances are almost nil.

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How do I make multiple cells have same value, so if ANY of the cells change then the others would change too?

This can not practically be done using a formula within the cells. Because a cell reference for ANY cells that would change to set all of them would be too long of a formula using something like t... Read More »

Do you have a lot of white blood cells with a water infection?

Ear infections are very common in babies.3out of 4 children get at least one ear infection by age 2.You should have your child looked at by a doctor and they might perscribe something for him/her.

What happens if you have too many white blood cells?

This is almost impossible to answer due to the vagueness of the condition. Consult with your child's paediatrician. AST and ALT are enzymes that are contained within most cells, ALT being more spe... Read More »

Do I have a UTI if my white blood cells are high but protein is negative or low?

On One Hand: Diagnosing a UTIA urinary tract infection, or UTI, is diagnosed when there is pyuria (white blood cells) and/or bacteriuria (bacteria) in a urine specimen. The urine protein level vari... Read More »