Why Germans of Russian origin is the only group of people that was repressed but never rehabilitated?

Answer Q: "Germans of Russian origin is... " A: ??? Soviet citizens of German origin are... Because, unfortunately, just like Germans had been brainwashed to hate E.Slavs before, the latter were forced to... Read More »

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What is the origin of Russian nesting dolls?

Russian nesting dolls were reinvented in the late 1800s by Russian artist Sergei Maliutin from a 17th-century Japanese design. Called Matryoshkas after a common Russian girl's name, the dolls becam... Read More »

On AIM, Is there a way to add people from one group to another while keeping them in the original group?

Yeah.. if you open a box to IM them, there is that little add buddy icon (It's the yellow guy with a + I think) and if you hit that, and then pick the group, it will add to that one too. =)

How many people can speak Russian in the world?

Approximately 274 million people speak Russian throughout the world, according to The School of Russian and Asian Studies. It is considered one of the main languages of international scientific com... Read More »

Jobs for Russian Speaking People?

Russian is quickly proving to be an important language for many job seekers. Because it's so widely spoken, employment opportunities for Russian speakers are diverse and extensive, present in indus... Read More »