Why Foreclosures Do Not Have the Force of Law?

Answer Foreclosures are the act of a lender repossessing property for non-payment of a mortgage. As mortgage contracts are entered into between a mortgage holder and a borrower, they are considered privat... Read More »

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How to Buy HUD Foreclosures?

The Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers mortgage assistance to low income and first time buyers. This assistance is called FHA mortgage insurance and ensures that a mortgage will b... Read More »

How to Bid on HUD Foreclosures?

When an individual loses his home to foreclosure, his lender seizes the property and allows the public the opportunity to purchase it through a live foreclosure auction. These auctions are traditio... Read More »

IRS Taxes & Foreclosures?

Homeowners who fail to file or pay income tax regularly can be subjected to additional fees, penalties and even have liens placed on their property. These liens can result in an IRS tax foreclosure... Read More »

Liens Against Foreclosures?

Foreclosure can be a messy business when the property is subject to various competing claims or liens from different parties. A lien is a claim to property that may be affected by foreclosure, or ... Read More »