Why Europeans hate junk-fast-food, but U.S Americans love it so much?

Answer Europeans ...because it doesn't taste very good. Americans because it is fast.

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Why are teens skinny despite eating tons of fast food and other junk?

I hate that I live in a house with family that brings in JUNK FOOD!! What do I do?

dont eat it. theres gonna be junk food eerywhereu go all ur life. If u wanna lose weight that bad then just dont eat it. although its bad for your parents, you cannot make them stop eating wat they... Read More »

Who pays more taxes, Americans or Europeans?

The European Union does not mandate a single tax system. Each country, including both members and prospective members, manage their own tax regimes. Europeans living in countries with a flat tax re... Read More »

How to Stop Eating Too Much Junk Food?

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