Why English People like chiken and chips?

Answer I prefer Fish & Chips.

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How do you make chiken noodle soup like the real one?

You need chicken broth and stock, which you can make from scratch with a chicken carcass/bones. You can also just buy chicken broth and add chicken stock to add flavor, I like to use both. Cook y... Read More »

Are Fish and Chips more of an Irish or English dish?

The Fish is a dish of many Countries and the chips are fried all over the World. However Fish and chips are indeed a British dish - so since Ireland was all British until after the first World War ... Read More »

How to Make English Fish and Chips With Beer Batter?

Fish and chips became popular in the United Kingdom in the second half of the nineteenth century and remain popular in many parts of the world today. The fish (usually cod or haddock) is coated in ... Read More »

What's typical English food except fish and chips?

traditional english breakfast - egg, bacon, sausage and beans or tomatoes.