Why Dont DOCTORS understand that FUNGUS causes CANCER?

Answer Because it doesn't.This fungus nonsense is completely implausible.To the other sceptics: Did any of you ever watch Dr. Simoncini's "cancer is fungus" video?Here check it out:- Read More »

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Serious answers only please,Dont say-go to Doctors-?

Put on compression stockings and lay down with your legs elevated. Take a lasix if you have one. Wiggle your ankles once and a while. Go to minimal fluids, 4 cups per day / no sodium. Lasix works... Read More »

Why Dont Doctors Reccommend Herbalife?

I never heard about herbalife but for you it did a miracle Why doctor do not recommend it ? For doctors ; all medication had to be approve by long study in laboratory

Can anyone help me to understand/translate the medical bill that I have to pay Any doctors around?

Always go to urgent care, not the emergency room, unless it is a life or death situation. Same care for a fraction of the price (life or death situations = Emergency Room). As for the breakdown of ... Read More »

What lung cancer creates a fungus?

Lung cancer itself does not create a fungus. However, cancer and a weakened immune system may put you at more risk of contracting a lung or blood fungus. There are a number of different ways to con... Read More »