Why Doesn't Webdings Print?

Answer Webdings is a TrueTrype symbol font created by Microsoft in 1997. The font uses symbols, icons and pictograms that Microsoft's iconographers created based on the input of website designers and user... Read More »

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Why when I hit print screen it doesnt work?

On most computers, the only thing that the Print Screen button does is take a snapshot of the current screen and posts it to your computer's clipboard. If you want to print the screen, go to the Pa... Read More »

I have a lexmark z2r printer that i rarely use. then it doesnt print well. does the ink dry up?

same think happends to me and i do the same as you very costly. the ink levels are fine but it drys up when you do not use it. espcialy the collor as i just print off word docs so my colour rayl ge... Read More »

Why doesnt page 3 print using duplex printing?

Is there print on all 4 pages, or is one blank? (The software may not be sending a blank page or the printer may ignore it).Are all the pages setup and formatted the same?What does it look like whe... Read More »

How to Read Webdings?

Always wondered how to read Webdings on MSN? You'll know after reading this!