Why Doesn't My Irish Lily Bloom?

Answer Irish lily (Lilium longiflorum) is a perennial bulb plant that is valued for its large, fragrant and trumpet-shaped white blossoms. Also called Easter lilies, these gorgeous plants serve as a symbo... Read More »

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Why doesnt Lily Colins wax her brows?

Thick,bushy eyebrows are really pretty in my opinion. They are attractive to others and unattractive to some. Lily collins looks really sweet and i think that her eyebrows are a unique feature of h... Read More »

How long do lily bulbs bloom for?

When they bloom depends an where you live and the type of lily. They generally bloom for only a few weeks. Once the blooming is complete leave the foliage to nourish the bulbs for next year's blo... Read More »

When do lily of the valley bloom?

Lily of the valley flowers bloom in the spring months of April and May. Because of this, they are known as spring flowers. They bloom little bell shaped flowers that give off a strong and flowery s... Read More »

Irish Peace Lily Meaning?

Of the nearly 40 species of flowering plants of the Genus Spathiphyllum, certain varieties are commonly known as "peace lilies," though they are not true lilies at all. Different cultures across th... Read More »