Why Doesn't Apple Just Make a mouse with 2 buttons ?

Answer Because Steve Jobs, the Despot Ruler at Apple, didn't think anyone would ever need more than one button. "Why would anyone ever need more than 640KB of RAM.", sound familiar (Bill Gates)?FYI: OS ... Read More »

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My optical mouse buttons keep switching functions or just stops working, help?

go to control panel, click on mouse & bring up properties box. Under the "buttons" tab make sure you have it set for right handed option. (if you have left handed checked you will need to left clic... Read More »

What makes the left and right pc mouse buttons make different sounds?

Its just because in general, you click the left mouse button more than the right. Meaning it wears down the clicking mechanism slightly more than the right, making 2 different clicking noises.ORIt... Read More »

Is there a computer mouse that doesn't make noise when you press the buttons?

No they all make that noise so you know that the buttons work

Just installed windows vista. doesnt seem compatable with my lexmark z23 printer.?

Have you downloaded Vista drivers from the lexmark website, provided they are available? According to the driver data base it does not show any vista drivers available which would mean its not com... Read More »